Soundcore Icon Mini-BLACK

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  • Soundcore | Hear it. Feel it
    A Brand Under Anker Innovations

    Hang-Anywhere Design
    Three things that deserve a soundtrack: Cruising the streets, hiking the trails, and chilling on the beach. Icon Mini is ready for all 3, and a whole lot more. Its cord means that it can hang and play anywhere you want to.

    Size-Defying Sound
    A reminder to never judge a book by its cover, Icon Mini is audio dynamite. It blasts both indoor and outdoor spaces with explosive sound for your most adventurous moments.

    How Wet Can You Get?
    Come rain, shine, monsoon, or tsunami, Icon Mini will keep on playing. Thanks to its extreme IP67 protection it’ll even survive complete immersion.

    8-Hour Playtime
    Icon Mini is down to hang all day or all night. And when the good times start to wind down, it’ll recharge back to 100% within 3 hours.

    Wireless Stereo Sound
    Twice the sound + twice the color = twice the fun. Connect two Icon Minis via a single phone or tablet for suped-up sound and cranked-up color. And with 64 potential color combos, you can match your stereo setup to your style.

Vendor Anker Pakistan
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