Warranty Policy

Before claiming warranty, please ensure that your product is undamaged and not burnt. Kindly review the following restrictions:

  1. Complete Packaging Requirement: For any warranty claim, the complete packaging, including the box and all accessories, is necessary.

  2. Exclusions: Burnt or broken products, water damage, or any physical damage caused by the user are not covered under the warranty policy.

  3. Lost or Stolen Products: Products that are lost or stolen are not eligible for warranty coverage.

  4. Complimentary Accessories: Accessories provided as complementary items, such as power bank cables, charger cables, pouches, etc., are not covered under warranty.

  5. Third-Party Repairs: Any damage repaired by third-party personnel is not covered under the warranty policy.

  6. External Sources: Damage caused by external sources or misuse of the product, including fall drops, exposure to extreme temperatures, water exposure, etc., is not covered under warranty.

  7. Unauthorized Resellers: Purchases from unauthorized resellers are not covered under any warranty.

  8. Data Loss: We are not liable for any loss of data incurred from the use of Anker products.

  9. Pandemic Considerations: Due to the pandemic, some products may not be available for replacement. We appreciate mutual understanding with customers in such cases.

  10. Replacement Calculation: Replacement calculations require consideration of factors such as invoice amount, date, usage duration, and remaining warranty. Anker Pakistan reserves the right to replace products with items of similar category and price range.

  11. Specific Exclusions: Damage to cable inputs, Bluetooth speakers' input/output, water damage, and volume damage are not covered under warranty.

  12. Power Bank Efficiency: Power banks may experience decreased battery performance with high usage over time. Replacement will not be provided for power banks used for more than 10 months with decreased capacity and performance.

  13. Effective Date: Effective from 01-01-2021, the warranty period for Anker products, including SoundCore, Nebula, Eufy, and Roav, is 12 months.

  14. Special Offers: Deal products or items from sale campaigns may have different warranty periods. Please refer to the information provided on the product box.

We strive to provide exceptional customer service and ensure the satisfaction of our valued customers. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our warranty policy, please feel free to contact us.

Process a Warranty