Anker NEBULA Solar FHD 1080p Projector


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1.How to install Netflix on Nebula Solar?

Install "Nebula Manager" app from Google Play Store and get Netflix installed through "Nebula Manager". It is recommended to install our "Nebula Connect" app on your phone from Google Play Store or Apple App Store and choose the mouse mode to control Netflix.

2.How to connect Nebula Solar with an iPhone, iPad or MacBook?

Install "AirScreen" app from Google Play Store and then connect both Nebula Solar and also your IOS device to the same WiFi network.

3.How to play movies from a USB flash drive?

Install a file management app (e.g. File Explorer, File Manager) and a video player from Google Play Store, then you can play movies stored on your USB flash drive.

4.Does Nebula Solar support auto keystone correction?

Nebula Solar supports Auto (Vertical ±40°) and Manual (Horizontal ±40°) keystone correction. If the projected image is tilted, please turn off auto keystone correction via "Settings>Projector Settings>Keystone Correction" and then adjust manually both vertical and horizontal keystone correction to make it straight.

5.How to trigger autofocus on Nebula Solar?

Please slightly move the device or press the "focus" button on the remote to trigger autofocus.

6.Can Nebula Solar run on battery charge or must be plugged in?

Nebula solar has no built-in battery, so it must be plugged in when use. But Nebula Solar Portable has the battery provision.


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